First Look At Modernist Cuisine's Photography Book (Slideshow)

"The Most Delicious Thistle," the cross section of an artichoke.

Section: Animals

On the left, "Dark Meat, Light Meat," a cross section of the hind quarters of a pig. On the right, "Foot of a Silkie Chicken," the foot of a specific breed of chicken with black skin.

Section: Cutaways

"Water-Vapor Oven," showing the inner-workings of a water-vapor oven that controls humidity as well as heat.

Section: Phenomena

On the left, "Popcorn Liftoff." On the right, "Popcorn on the Cob."

Section: Cameras and Lenses

A quick guide to the gear used to photograph most of the images of Modernist Cuisine.

How to Do Cutaways and Compositing

A guide to compositing multiple shots of the same subject for a super clear image.