First-Ever Nutritionist Award Honors Dietician of the Year


Allison Stowell cooks up more than good eats in her kitchen; she is also committed to revolutionizing the way we eat.

It’s not just chefs, cookbook authors, and restaurants that are being awarded in the food world. The Produce for Better Health Foundation is now recognizing health dietitians with their brand new “Dietitian of the Year” award. The first recipient is Allison Stowell, a dietitian for Guiding Stars Licensing Company and a nutrition blogger, who has maintained her own private consulting business since 2003. Produce for a Better Health Foundation calls Stowell an ambassador to the New York health community.

“When I interact, on the spot, with customers and help them understand what truly is the best choice, I am reminded just how important dietitians are,” Stowell told The Daily Meal. “We are nutrition experts and the sound voice in a very ‘loud’ industry as well as the bridge between science and the communities we serve.”

Stowell said that she emphasizes non-diet nutrition, and particularly does not condone fad diets and health tips. Instead she encourages home-cooked simple recipes and a balanced diet and lifestyle. She is especially excited for the new nutrition labels, which she believes will help people make better choices through clearer information, like calorie counts. 


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi.