Firecakes Donuts In Chicago Now Makes A Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Although the cronut is a powerhouse of sorts in the donut and dessert world, there are plenty of other concoctions rivaling its popularity. According to Huffington Post, Firecakes Donuts in Chicago is now selling a donut ice cream sandwich that's exactly what it sounds like: either vanilla or espresso gelato in between a halved glazed donut.

They started serving them July 20th but are just now gaining some national attention. They go for $4 a piece and the store is actually open until midnight except for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays (so they're certainly outdoing cronuts as far as availability goes).

Time Out Chicago says that the dessert, while very decadent, isn't overwhelmingly sweet and that the glaze on one side of the donut makes for a very balanced sandwich. Next time you're in Chicago, check it out and see if you think it can stand the heat in the battle against the cronut.