Fiat Releases a New Coffee Machine — For Your Car

Fiat introduces a new coffee maker that brews a cup while you drive

Although the Fiat 500 may not have taken over America’s highways quite yet (despite the attention the commercials received), the car is certainly an icon of Italy — much like espresso. Therefore, it only makes sense to combine the two, right? Fiat has just released a new version of their 500L  with an integrated Lavazza coffee maker, making it even easier for Italians to combine their two passions of distracted driving and espresso-sipping.

Luckily, the coffee machine won’t take up much room in this compact car; it plugs directly into the front power source. The little machine heats up water to a boil and brews coffee using a Lavazza modo mio single-serving pod that fits into the top of the coffee maker. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a freshly brewed cup to rival what you’d get from your local cafe.

This “Espresso Experience," as it’s called, will come with a travel mug with the Lavazza logo emblazoned on it, a spoon holder, and a sugar container, so you’ll have everything you need for the perfect cup right at your fingertips — literally. The price will hover around $300 for the coffeemaker. Americans, don’t get too excited about this caffeine-fueled addition to your morning routine just yet. The product has to be approved for the American market before being released. Based on how the "espresso experience" goes over in Italy and Ireland (where it’s slated for release later this year), it should be flying to American Fiats soon. Bene, prendiamo un caffè?