Fewer Words, More Father's Office Burger


Nick Solares of SeriousEats used 959 words to call the Father's Office burger a "submarine sandwich disguised as a burger." You can read the other 953 words, but what you actually might want to know is that the restaurant's chef's name is Sang Yoon, and that many people in L.A. refer to this as the city's best burger.

There's nothing bougie or frou-frou about it — nothing more than any other buzzed about burger to make you want to refer to it with that misnomer. Here's what you get: caramelized onion, bacon, Gruyère, Maytag blue, and arugula. It's a very, very juicy burger with funk, flavor, freshness, and great flavor. One that might even be better than an East Coast burger darling down South at Holman & Finch. And for these reasons this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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