Ferrero Yanks 'Germany Votes White' Ads

Ferrero apologized for accidentally sounding like neo-Nazis
Facebook/Ferrero Küsschen

Ads for Ferrero's white chocolate Küsschen were pulled for inadvertently looking like they were filmed at a white-supremacist rally.

It's election season in Germany, and Italian candy brand Ferrero decided to celebrate with an election-themed TV ad that inadvertently made its candy and the citizens of Germany sound like white supremacists.

In the ads, a talking chocolate box speaks at a political rally before supporters who carry signs that read, "Yes White Can!" Everyone shouts triumphantly when a poster unfurls on the stage reading, "Germany Votes White!"

According to the Telegraph, Ferrero was trying to promote its white chocolate Küsschen, or little kisses, which had previously been a limited-edition candy. But somehow the advertising team at Ferrero and M&C Saatchi managed to create a cartoon version of the propaganda for Germany's far-right NPD party. When the ads aired, they were met with shock and outrage.

"I hope the advertisers behind this dumb campaign get a chocolate kiss stuck in their throats, and there aren't any Nazis around to dislodge it," one commenter said on the brand's Facebook page.

Ferrero has yanked the campaign and issued a statement clarifying that they really were just talking about the chocolate.

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"It is important for us to clearly stress that we are strictly against any form of xenophobia, right-extremism or racism," Ferrero said in a statement. "All of our assertions were purely about white chocolate — and without xenophobic intent. We regret that the commercial was misunderstood and the product messaging was otherwise construed."