Ferran Adrià Planning London Cocktail Bar

In addition to his Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, he's also working with his brother on a bar

Ferran Adrià to Open Cocktail Bar

Ferran Adrià never seems to stop; in addition to the Foundation, the Bullipedia, and everything else that's been keeping the chef busy, he's also working with his brother on two projects.

In March, news broke that the Adrià brothers were working on a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, and now Fine Dining Lovers reports that the two are also working on a cocktail bar in London.

Adrià says the bar, which will open in the next year, will be similar to 41 Degrees, the cocktail bar the duo opened in Barcelona, following a snacks and cocktail  theme with a new concept. Whether or not the bar will open in time for the Olympics tourism wave has yet to be reported.