Ferran Adrià Wants Robert Downey Jr. To Portray Him In elBulli Movie

Ferran Adrià, former chef of the now-closed three-Michelin-star restaurant elBulli, would like Robert Downey Jr. to play him in the forthcoming elBulli film, according to an interview with Metro.

"Robert Downey Jr. would be good," Adrià told Metro. "He loves eating, he's a great actor, he's been in some fantastic films, he's about my age. But I don't know who's going to do it." The film's producer, Philippe Rousselet, however, had mentioned previously to The Hollywood Reporter that Javier Bardem would be his "obvious first choice." (Javier Bardem is The Daily Meal's nominee, too.)

Rousselet has also said that the film will be "The Breakfast Club meets Dead Poets Society meets The Social Network." It will be based on the documentary book The Sorcerer's Apprentices by Lisa Abend, about stagiaires at the famed avant-garde restaurant, and will be set in the restaurant's final year of operation.

Another of the film's producers, Jeffery Kleeman, told The Daily Meal that each of the major players at elBulli will be portrayed in the film, and that the stagiaires will be fictional, but based on interviews with former stagiaires.