Ferran Adrià's Post-elBulli List: LaBullipedia, elBullifoundation, and a Culinary Museum

That's in addition to the Mexican restaurant he's opening with his brother

Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià has no plans to leave the culinary world behind. In fact, in addition to the Mexican restaurant he's opening in Barcelona with his brother, Albert, the culinary legend is planning a food Wikipedia, a museum, and a foundation à la James Beard.

At the Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival, Adrià shared his five-year plan. By 2014, he'll have elBullifoundation open in Cala Montjoi, Spain; the cluster of buildings will provide congregation spaces to share ideas, along with experimental kitchens for new techniques (Adrià estimates that only 25 dinners will take place a year).

By 2016, Adrià plans to open a culinary museum (Centro Expositivo) in Roses, Spain; and sometime in the near future, he hopes to launch LaBullipedia, a Wikipedia for foods, ingredients, and recipes.

Sadly, Eater reports that Adrià thought elBulli's closing was the best day of his life;  "I wanted to give back to society by creating elBullifoundation... so elBulli is for everyone, belongs to everyone, and can continue," Adrià said. Surprising, since last we heard he told everyone, "Do not imitate Ferran Adrià."