FDA to Review Inhalable Caffeine

FDA to Review Inhalable Caffeine

Before the new year, the inhalable caffeine product AeroShot launched with much controversy. The main concern is that kids will use it as a "club drug" or mix caffeine and alcohol. Now, the FDA will weigh in on whether the inhalable caffeine is safe, and whether it can be branded as a dietary supplement.

Each lipstick-sized canister, priced at $2.99, contains B vitamins, plus 100 milligrams of caffeine powder, equal to that of a large cup of coffee.

New York's U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is "worried about how a product like this impacts kids and teens, who are particularly vulnerable to overusing a product that allows one to take hit after hit after hit, in rapid succession."

In its defense, AeroShot claims to "provide a safe shot of caffeine and B vitamins for ingestion," mentioning that "caffeine has been proven to offer a variety of potential benefits for health to individuals when consumed in moderation, from providing energy to enhancing attention and focus."

Who knows, might just be safer to stick to a cup of coffee.

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