Fatburger to Open 10 New York Locations

The Beverly Hills, California, chain is set to vastly expand its East Coast portfolio



The burger boom has taken the country by storm in recent years, with high-end burger joints opening up all across the land. That hunger for top-notch burgers won’t be dying down anytime soon, especially in New York, where news broke this week that the Beverly Hills-based chain Fatburger will be opening up 10 outposts in the city.

While Fatburger has been around for 60 years and has 150 locations around the world, they’ve never been able to get a foothold in New York City. One outpost in New York closed down a long time ago, and another in Jersey City closed in 2009, according to Grub Street

The vast majority of Fatburgers are on the West Coast, but by signing a franchise agreement with the Riese Organization, one of the largest fast-food management companies in the city, they’re ready to mount their second East Coast offensive.

"I like the idea that it has been around for a long time and has been successful enough in a major metropolis like Los Angeles," Riese CEO Dennis Riese told Crain’s. The management company owns most of the buildings where it operates restaurants, and they’re planning on opening soon in a building they own on Third Avenue near 34th Street.


Fatburger cooks all of its burgers to order, and last year the chain brought in $82 million.