Fast-Food Workers Think Their Job Makes the World a 'Worse Place'

According to data collected by PayScale, fast-food workers think their job doesn't do any good

Fast-food workers may not always love their jobs, but it seems some of them even think their jobs make the world a worse place.

The New York Times recently reported that out of 30,000 surveyed workers, 1 percent reported that "My job may make the world a worse place."

Of that 1 percent, 42 percent were fast-food workers. The second highest job in the "worse place" pool was bartenders, making up about 6 percent of the sorry sacks.

Fashion designers, senior attorneys, and investment banking associates also made up the top five professions where people think their job degrades the world. 

It's important to note that respondents voluntarily answered questions, instead of being randomly chosen for the survey, so these may be particularly talkative subjects who hate their jobs. Cheer up guys; without fast-food workers, bartenders, and fashion designers we wouldn't have Double Downs, Jägerbombs, and drop crotch skinny jeans.

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