Fast Food Workers Plan To Walk Out This Week

Fast food workers across the nation plan to walk out on their jobs this week in protest of what they feel are low wages and unfair labor practices, Huffington Post reports. Employees from New York, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities want a $15 per hour wage.

The campaign launched Monday in New York City and is being aided by Fast Food Forward, an advocacy group for fast food workers. This strike makes at least the third time since last November that New York City fast food workers have protested. Last week, McDonald's workers staged a walk out in a New York City location after they were forced to work in high temperatures without air conditioning.

The restaurant industry has created jobs faster than the rest of the economy over the past years, but fast food workers still take home between $150 and $350 per week on average, according to the New York Times.

It remains to be seen how long the protest will last, and if workers will end up receiving higher wages and better treatment.