Fashionable Feline: Choupette Lagerfeld Gets Her Own Capsule Collection This Fall

Just in case you're not getting enough adorable felines through Instagram or inter-office emails, allow Karl Lagerfeld to fix that for you. Choupette, Lagerfeld's own beloved cat, is fashion's favorite pet, complete with her own social media accounts, magazine editorial spreads, lifestyle book—and now a capsule collection. The new Monster Choupette collection will be out in stores in November and will include a line of shoes, clothing and accessories. There will be pouches, wallets, purses, scarves, socks, sweatshirts—all to fulfill your every fashionably feline desire.

As the collection is entitled Monster Choupette it seems only fitting we get to see a more ferocious side of the normally well-behaved and docile kitty. But we totally understand, with all the jet-setting, photo shoots and running from here to there it can get a little stressful; so what if she's having a bit of Naomi Campbell moment—at least she still looks good.