Farmers' Market Delivery Service Brings Fresh Produce To You

Imagine getting fresh veggies, grown just a few miles away, delivered to your front porch. Fresh Nation, the world's first farmers' market home delivery service is making that happen. Right now, the company is only in its beta stages in Fairfield County, Connecticut, but when it fully launches, fresh produce for delivery will be available to more and more areas across America.

"You can get all the groceries you want from Peapod seven days a week, and the only food you can't get delivered to your house is fresh local produce and that's a shame," said Tony Lee, the founder of Fresh Nation. "We think of fresh, local food as a super food, nutritionally it's the best, and it's usually the most flavorful food you can buy."

Fresh Nation launched this past summer but Lee said that they will soon be spreading to other places like L.A. and Orange County in California, New York's Westchester County, and nearby New Haven County in Connecticut.  Lee and his team have also created an online database of farmer's markets nationwide. 

Lee said that the reaction has been fantastic so far, and people love the concept of being able to get all sorts of goods, from produce to bread, pastries, and even meat from local butchers delivered to their homes. Fresh Nation does not charge a mark-up, and you only have to pay a $5.95 delivery fee.