Farmer Finds Marijuana in Corn Field

Someone swapped a farmer’s corn for 150 marijuana plants
Wikimedia/Gilles San Martin

A farmer was just trying to grow some delicious corn, but someone replaced his plants with marijuana.

A Pennsylvania farmer found an unexpected bonus when he was surveying his corn fields this week and discovered a sizable collection of marijuana plants growing in the middle of his corn.

According to NBC, the corn farmer says he did not plant the special plants, he just stumbled upon them while spraying his corn. The marijuana had previously escaped his notice because it was hidden among weeds and corn, and he says he just never saw them until now, even though there were 150 plants growing in the middle of the field.

The farmer alerted police to his find, and police say he will not be charged with anything. It seems most likely that the pot growers snuck into the field at some point, pulled out a bunch of the corn plants in the middle of the field, and planted 150 marijuana plants in their place.

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The marijuana plants were between 12 and 18 inches high, and police said that full-grown plants could generate between $500 and $600 worth of marijuana per plant. Nobody will be profiting from these plants, however, as police say they’re just going to be destroyed. The police say they’ll charge whoever planted the marijuana, on the off chance that they are able to figure out who was responsible.