Farmer Fined For Driving With Too Many Pigs

Nobody likes paying for shipping, but one pig farmer recently tried to dodge a shipping fee on some live pigs and probably came to regret it once police caught him driving around with 20 pigs in his car.

According to Shanghaiist, a small-scale pig farmer decided to expand his operation this week by purchasing 20 new pigs. After selecting and paying for his new animals, however, he decided that paying to have them delivered to his farm was a rip-off, and he did not want to pay to rent a larger, pig-transporting vehicle, either. So instead he just put down the seats in the back of his van and ushered all 20 pigs into it. The pigs were not full-grown pigs, which never would have fit into a van, but they weren't tiny little teacup piglets, either. From the photos on Shanghaiist, they look to be about the size of large dogs, and it got pretty crowded in the back of that van.

After a few miles, the pigs decided they objected to their new owner's means of transportation and started vocalizing their displeasure. The farmer ignored them, but when he drove through a toll gate some nearby policemen wondered, "Why is that van squealing?"

The farmer was reportedly slapped with a fine for transporting 20 pigs in the back of his personal car and ordered to call someone to bring another car to divide half the pigs into, because apparently it's illegal to drive with 20 pigs in one's car, but 10 pigs is just fine.