Farm-to-Table Holiday Treats

Delicious and easy recipes worthy of your entertaining table

These delicious desserts are worth every calorie-laden bite!

Chef Joe Truex, a native Southerner, knows a thing or two about decadence. At the Watershed on Peachtree in Atlanta, the chef brings together ethnic styles from all over the South in the quaint farm-to-table restaurant. With deep Southern roots, Truex knows how to make the local cuisine really shine in each of his dishes. But you don’t have to live in Atlanta to try one of his masterpieces. The chef graciously shared with us two delicious dessert recipes that will wow any guests that stop by for the holidays!

Very Good Chocolate Cake
He isn’t kidding when he says this is uber-delicious! This Very Good Chocolate Cake recipe is to die for, and will have you holiday guests licking their plates for an extra morsel.

Popcorn Balls
Get the party popping with these festive, salty-sweet treats. We love his use of bacon and sweet syrup for an all-around rich flavor in his Popcorn Balls recipe.