A Farm-to-Table Gem in the Heart of Harvard Square


You could say it's one of the best lunches in all of Cambridge. Sure, it's located in the Charles Hotel, a sleek yet classic establishment located adjacent to Harvard University and along the Charles River, and I'm not one to favor hotel restaurants. But this is one solid exception to the rule.

This isn't a place to catch a quick to-go meal and take it back to your office. No. It's a place where every customer should linger over their meal for at least an hour and a half, preferably in the warmer months when you can sit outside under an umbrella, yet still basking in the warmth. And even if it's rainy, the interior dining area is cozy as can be... now if there was only a giant wood-fired fireplace for those snowy days in early February.

Henrietta's Table shines when it comes to honest, farm-fresh, New England cooking. I've been a customer for years, and the spinach salad with goat cheese, roasted apples, and a maple-pecan vinaigrette never disappoints. In the mood for something hearty? The rich BLT with Nueske's bacon, cut thick, is to die for. I'm also a huge fan of the salmon burger. I had my first ever at Henrietta's, and it's set an awfully high standard for every other salmon cake that has come my way. Beware.

Stopping by Henrietta's for a drink? Don't look past the sparkling crimson, made with one of my favorite local bubblys - Westport Rivers' sparking wine from Westport, MA. - along with pomegranate juice and Cointreau. And if that isn't enough, tempt yourself with the local stuffed apple with cinnamon cider ice cream (now if only that was a Ben & Jerry's flavor. Heavenly). Or take a leap off the deep end and go for something chocolatey. In the 15 years I've been to Henrietta's, the chocolate treats NEVER disappoint. OK. Now I have to go to Boston. I've got a mad craving for Henrietta's Table. And once you go, you'll know what I mean.