Farm Fresh Friday


Photo by Annie Ma

The entire event was planned and organized by interns of the Office of Sustainability –   specifically, the Green Greek interns who work with the sustainability chairs of each Greek house to raise awareness on campus about the importance of being green. Their aim was to communicate the importance of buying local and working as a community towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  This event was a way of highlighting how local food vendors in New Hampshire work to make their businesses, as well as food provision, more environmentally friendly.

Ariana's restaurant provided samples of the staples on its menu. This included steamed pork dumplings served with kimchi chili lime sauce and sweet soy sauce drizzled over it. The restaurant focuses on buying locally and sustainably. It sources all its meat from local farms and incorporates seafood specials into its menus in order to maximize how much of their ingredient can be locally sourced.


Photo by Annie Ma

The Box served samples of its famous chocolate chip salted oat cookies, as well as pita chips with hummus. It is also locally sourced and has a seasonal menu that reflects whatever is in season. It also works with recyclable materials in order to make the business as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.


Photo by Annie Ma

Later into the event, Morano Gelato arrived to provide samples of their chocolate and coffee gelato. The well-known local gelato shop, like the other food vendors at the event, also makes local sourcing a priority.

Overall the event was very well attended and was a great way to raise awareness about sourcing locally. For more information about working to create a greener Dartmouth community, you should visit the sustainability website.

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