A Farewell to Foie Gras

Foie Gras has been deemed illegal so an ambitious California chef mourns with a special good-bye

Foie Gras

The controversy surrounding foie gras production has encouraged some states (like California) to make it illegal, but for foie gras fans looking to bid farewell to the delicacy before the ban in July, The Royce at the Langham of Pasadena is offering a special good-bye meal. Chef Davie Féau will be doing a dinner featuring the delicacy in full glory, which he’s calling “30 ways in 3 days: Farewll to Foie Gras.”

From June 28 to June 30 foie gras fanatics will be able to enjoy a variety of foie-filled entrées such as pan seared foie gras with Maine lobster tail, and fava beans and parsley jus. Chef Féau with also be partnering foie gras with spinach, pig feet, chocolate, olives, and many other ingredients.

Entrées will be available a la carte starting at $20 each, with a minimum order of three dishes. There will be an additional five-course option for the chef’s table guests. So, if you are a mourning foie gras fan or just want a taste of foie gras before it is no longer available swing by The Royce.