Fancy Cats Eat Beluga Caviar, Lobster Sushi Rolls

Chef Simon Rimmer created a luxury cat dinner from really expensive ingredients

A sushi roll made of roasted duck, lobster, avocado, and Beluga caviar sounds like a pretty indulgent treat for anybody, but Simon Rimmer’s new recipe isn’t intended for human consumption. It’s for cats.

Rimmer created the dish, which he calls “Chat Delices,” in conjunction with pet insurance company More Th>n. The special cat food hand-prepared by Chef Rimmer was available in London yesterday for £24.99 a portion, or $38, with all proceeds going to the RSPCA. But if you want to spoil your own cat, the recipe is available online.

A $40 plate of cat food might sound like some pretty extreme feline pampering, but according to Rimmer and veterinarian Joe Inglis, the fancy cat food is actually completely nutritionally sound.

“While this dish is indeed a special treat for felines, owners can feel safe in the knowledge that it has been specifically designed for a cat’s biology; with their health, safety and nutrition right at the forefront,” Inglis said in an interview with The Daily Mail.

In case the lobster and Beluga caviar is a bit rich for your cat’s blood, Rimmer also created an “everyday” version of the recipe that includes a chicken, tuna, and avocado sushi roll garnished with flying fish roe and microherbs, served alongside a beetroot, peppercorn, and balsamic jelly and a butternut squash puree.


The "everyday" version of Rimmer's cat dinner might use cheaper ingredients, but it still requires home cooks to prepare beetroot jelly with agar agar for their cats, who will almost certainly then just go eat some bugs.