Fake Cop Terrorizes Patrons at Chicago Bar

A man claiming to be a police officer demanded to be shown patrons’ green cards


Patrons at a Chicago bar were just trying to have a drink this weekend when a man posing as a police officer started hassling people for green cards. 

Patrons at a late-night Chicago dive bar were just trying to relax and have a drink this weekend when a man pretending to be a police officer started hassling them for evidence of immigration status — and actually shot someone with a pellet gun. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, 45-year-old Michael Groh was drinking at Sofia’s bar on Pulaski Street in Chicago when he decided to start hassling another customer, who was just trying to have a drink at the bar in peace. First, Groh asked if the man was American. When the man said he came from South America, Groh reportedly got up and demanded to see his green card. Witnesses say Groh shouted profanities and racial slurs while insisting that he was a Chicago police officer. Nobody seemed to take the yelling drunk man at his word, though, and the bartender and another patron reportedly tried to calm Groh down while the other man ignored him.

When the man tried to leave, however, Groh reportedly whipped out a Smith & Wesson pellet gun and shot him three times in the head. The heroic bartender was able to wrestle Groh, who is not a small guy, to the ground and pin him in place until the real police arrived. The victim was taken to the hospital, where doctors say he might lose an eye.


After arresting Groh, police discovered that his “Chicago cop” persona even came with props. He was carrying two fake badges and handcuffs, wearing a tactical vest, and carrying a handwritten note that said he was a Chicago police officer.