The Fair-Est Foods Of Them All

There's fair food. And then there's fat-abulous fair food — the fair-est foods of them all. The ones that state and county fairs have made famous for their gooeyness, girth, and flagrant use of the saturated fat gram. Yeah, I'm talking to you deep-fried Twinkie.

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But superb sat-fat innovation has hit another growth spurt the last few years, truly upping the battered ante. The result? Gastronomic gems that could make even a rodeo clown blush. Inventions involving condiments, beverages, and previously satisfying dessert selections that somehow seem unfinished when compared to fair fodder. Again, that's you deep-fried Twinkie. With fair season upon us, it's time to see the number one reason people visit these dens of arterial destruction.

From Los Angeles to Texas to Minnesota, there's a reason families visit these events in droves in the name of fun, food, and festivity. Yes, that crazy big Ferris wheel holds appeal. But when it comes to satisfaction, nothing beats a cinnamon roll that's been dumped in the deep-fryer and covered with bacon. Hope you brought an appetite.

— Gregg Rosenzweig, Yellow Pages

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