The Facundo Paraiso: Bacardi Lineage Produces a New Rum to Sip & Savor


A rum to sip and savor, Facundo's Paraiso is much more than a mere libation and you wouldn't dare mix this with cola — it's an experience unto itself. Straight from the private reserves of the Bacardi family, the Facundo line of rums is considered to be the best to ever be released by the company. In fact, Paraiso itself is at the top of the collection. Considering the line is named after the legendary man who started it all, the rum has a long lineage of spirits to surpass to earn the name.

While preparing for a tour that would take me from southern California to northern Washington (and back again), Bacardi's "sipping" rum appeared on my doorstep. Too good to keep for myself, I quickly decided to share the Paraiso with everyone I visited during the coastal trip. While socializing and catching up, the rum's excellence actually ended up dominating every conversation as I probed for opinions and feedback.

This is a rum you should appreciate slowly and deliberately, making sure to really take in its pleasant nose and complex flavoring. Upon initial tastings, Facundo Paraiso set itself above every other rum I have personally tried. Usually with a new spirit you want to see how it fares being mixed to create a craft cocktail, but that's not the case here. At no point will you find yourself thinking anything could be gained by blending this incredible rum with any other ingredient — I'd go as far as to say it would be blasphemous, since adding a sugary mixer would eliminate the subtle notes of marzipan, hazelnut, oak and vanilla.

Aged for decades in cognac casks, sweet and woody flavors are so tightly packed that deciphering the drink is a serious challenge for any rum connoisseur. At least it was for this one. This difficulty in pinpointing flavors also creates an even more pleasant casual sipping experience due to its smooth feel when it hits the tongue and palate.

Bacardi has unveiled the depths of its mastery with Facundo Paraiso ($250) and we highly recommend this unique and delightful rum for anyone looking to up their imbibing game. Having already been launched in NYC and Miami, you can pick your own bottle up at high-end establishments like American Cut, The Monarch, Brandy Library, Del Posto, Lexington Bar & Brooks, Soho House New York, and the St. Regis New York. It will be released nationwide in the fall, hitting select markets.