Facebook's Most Popular Restaurants for Valentine's Day

The social media website has compiled a list of restaurants with the most check-ins in 10 cities

Just in case you're still scrambling for ideas for Valentine's Day (seriously? Get on it), Facebook has launched a set of infographics showcasing the top 10 restaurants with the most check-ins on Valentine's Day. Thankfully, there aren't any White Castles.

Of course, not all of them are the romantic places we would want our lover to take us. In Los Angeles, the restaurnat with the most check-ins was The Stinking Rose, a restaurant known for super-garlicky creations (including a garlic ice cream). We hope they chewed a lot of mints before the night's kiss.

In New York, Peruvian chicken joint Pio Pio made number one, while Espetus Churrascaria was the most popular in San Francisco among the social media crowd.

Then again, dining out on Valentine's Day is still incredibly annoying, so may we suggest pouring some wine and cooking a meal at home? It'll be the perfect transition to the bedroom (plus, it's cold out).

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