Facebook's IPO Inspires Zuckerpunch, Googleade, and Other Social Media Drinks

Toast to the genius behind Facebook's IPO sales

Anyone with a profile pic knows that Facebook made headlines this week with its IPO, stock sales, and its effect on Wall Street. But for those of us who don't get Wall Street, but like their drinks — just serve up a Zuckerpunch.

Our friends at BuzzFeed alerted us to the famous 2012 Social Media Cocktail Handbook, complete with social media 101's and yes, cocktail recipes inspired by social networks. Of course, BuzzFeed uses the newly acquired Facebook stock as a reason to toast (and pick up girls), but we'd still take a Googleade or Social Mediarita whether or not we've cashed in.

So toast that crazy genius Mark Zuckerberg with a cocktail for forever changing how we interact online — we can only hope the Zuckerpunch catches on outside the computer screen.