Fabrizio Gatto Profile


Fabrizio Gatto, the winemaker of some well known Italian Pinot Grigios, such as Ecco Domani, was born with wine coursing through his veins. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but this famous winemaker’s father had a small vineyard in central Italy. He spent a whole lot of “hang time” there, working with his Dad from a very early age.

By the time he turned 14, when his buddies were working on their soccer skills, Fabrizio enrolled in the School of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano, a highly regarded program that’s been around since 1876.

Fabrizio’s boundless thirst for knowledge of modern winemaking techniques eventually led him to California, where he enjoyed hands-on experiences. During those early years, the winemaker learned about the all-important balancing act, the art of creating the just-right combination of expressive fruit flavors and bright acidity or velvety tannins, wines created to be enjoyed with food.

“My goal is to start with the best grapes possible and reflect the fruit flavors in the finished wines,” he said.

His reputation for making wines people love to drink made him one of the premier vintners in Italy, and helped him land a dream job with Ecco Domani in 1995. Fabrizio’s drive to take the fear factor out of ordering wine gives his fans an excuse to raise a glass and say “Cin Cin!”

“Remember, you should never feel intimidated by wine: it is fun and should be enjoyed, especially when out at dinner with friends!” he said.

When he’s not making wine with his dedicated team, Fabrizio is exploring vineyards, looking for exceptional fruit.

“By choosing the very best grapes from the finest regions of Italy, it is possible for us to craft exquisite wines with marvelous complexity. The intricate fruit flavors which result in the finished wines are unsurpassed, and marry well with a variety of superb cuisines,” he said.

Fabrizio’s calendar is full, but there’s still room in his busy schedule for skiing and soccer. And he loves spending time with his family, especially when they travel to Sardinia to sail and swim and sip wine under the brilliant Mediterranean sun.

Of course, food served alongside Italian Pinot Grigio is always part of the fun and Fabrizio shares some of his favorite combinations each Wednesday on Ecco Domani’s Facebook page, as well as encouraging Tweeting tasters everywhere to share their finds on Twitter using the hashtag #PairItShareIt. Those 140-character tips will lead you on a delicious culinary journey.