Explore 656 Feet Below The Ocean Surface With Your Very Own Submarine

Whenever I see a personal-sized submarine I think of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou — you know, when nearly the entire cast is stuffed inside the little yellow sub in search of the elusive jaguar shark — and this five person model is no different. Able to dive to the depths of 656 feet, you can explore tropical species in reefs and spooky shipwrecks with your buddies. The sub is climate-controlled and meets all of the International Maritime Organization guidelines, as well as being classified by Germanischer Lloyd with two life support systems that give date on depth, internal pressure, battery status (giving up to eight hours of adventure), temperature, thruster status and trim tanks status. Speaking of thrusters, thanks to the two horizontal and two vertical ones you have full directional control (including up and down) and can get to a top speed of 2.5 knots (four at the surface).