Food Truck Explodes Outside White House

An exploding food truck triggered a White House lockdown

A food truck exploded outside the White House yesterday. 

A mysterious explosion outside the White House caused some immediate concern among visitors and secret service yesterday, but in the end it turned out to be a nearby food truck that caught fire and exploded.

According to the New York Times, Saturday morning visitors to the White House heard a loud bang and saw a cloud of black smoke close to the grounds. Compounding what was already sure to be a terrifying experience, at about the same time a bomb-sniffing dog appeared to have detected something of interest in a car parked near the White House, prompting Secret Service personnel to lock down the area until it could be secured.

The bang and the smoke turned out to have been caused by a food truck parked nearby, which reportedly caught fire yesterday morning.


The fire was reportedly contained by the fire department, though the truck was reportedly completely destroyed. The lockdown only lasted about an hour, at which point the president and his family left for Selma, Alabama.