Experience India Like Never Before

Anthony Bourdain and his culinary travel rock star disciples have spent the last decade deconstructing and redefining the hows and how-nots of tourism.  

Gone are days where contentment from a trip is achieved by visiting the Empire State Buildings, Eiffel Towers, and Taj Mahals of the world; today, if you don't return home with stories of drinking "evil elixir" with villagers, discovering delectable, uncharted eateries serving who-knows-what-but-you-ate-it-anyway, and at least one impossible-to-believe (but still true) tale of unbridled debauchery, you're clearly scoring well below par for the vacation-coolness course.

The thing is, living it up Bourdain-style can be a challenge to uninitiated adventure-seekers, especially when embarking on excursions to lesser-ventured territories where you may not have local connections. Simple planning tasks like booking hotels, renting cars, scoring train tickets and, perhaps most importantly, finding trustworthy travel guides, are all of a sudden not so easy when trying to orchestrate logistics to these lands of enchantment, turning your to-do list into a list too daunting to accomplish.

What's mind-blowing about our modern, niched-down world is that there (usually) exists an expert for any situation imaginable, and in the case of making experiential travel to the Indian subcontinent approachable and accessible for everyone, we're lucky to have a lady as knowledgeable and passionate as Susan Geringer doing the rest of us a solid.

Based in Westport, Conn., Geringer is the founder of Geringer Global Travel, a luxury travel agency specializing in custom trips to India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal for people seeking more than what appears on a "Top 10 Things to See Here" list.  

After traveling to the Indian subcontinent multiple times per year for more than three decades, Geringer has explored countless corners of this incredibly diverse area. On top of that, she's used her time there to cultivate deep relationships with local guides, vendors, lodging providers, agencies, and even native villagers, and she's well-connected to the region's most sought-out luxury establishments.

She'll get to know exactly what you want from your Indian immersion in order to create the ideal itinerary for helping you reach travel-nirvana. Based on your goals, personality, and preferences, you and Geringer will develop a detailed plan to provide the most enriching experience possible for you and your fellow journeyers.

You want to hang out with villagers and learn how to cook a local dish? Geringer will make that happen.  

You want to cycle through Kerala's legendary spice roads and then ride elephants in Jaipur? She'll get it done.

Geringer even offers culinary, coffee, tea, and wine tours that immerse you in India's various cultures and cuisines, perfect for people who put an emphasis on eating when abroad.

You can see the Taj Mahal, too, if that's what you want, along with any of the area's other wondrous highlights. There's nothing that's off-limits.

The bottom line? If you've ever wanted to travel through India in an impactful, extraordinary way, Geringer is the person to connect with to help make your voyage remarkable, safe, and seamless with logistics. There probably won't be any TV cameras around, but you'll undoubtedly be channeling the spirit of Tony Bourdain.