As Expected, New York Sushi Is the Priciest in the Country

Los Angeles comes in second, naturally

If you're like us and you enjoy a nice piece of toro every now and then, you probably realize that good-quality sushi is super expensive. And, if you're like us, and are poor, thrify writers, you probably really hate New York prices.

So it's no surprise that Bloomberg's sushi price index confirms that New York's sushi is now more expensive than Los Angeles'.

In the past, Los Angeles has outranked New York in the sushinomics index, but this past year New York City sushi prices gained an average of 10 percent. Now, New York City sushi prices are 32.98 percent higher than the national average, LA Times reports. Ouch.

Los Angeles prices, in the meantime, are just 27.68 percent above average — still pricey, but a full 5 percent lower than New York prices. In the meantime, San Francisco kept its third-place position, with prices 19.22 percent above the average.

Dallas jumped from 12th place to fourth, while Sacramento, Calif., jumped from 10th to fifth. But the biggest increase? Charlotte, N.C., with sushi prices jumping 12 percent overall. Perhaps it's time to move.