Exclusive | Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson Talks Going From Wall Street to Wine

What she says about moving from business to the wine industry

As one of only 18 women in the world to achieve status as a Master Sommelier, and the only woman to have ever been named "Best Sommelier in the United States" by the Sommelier Society of America, Andrea Robinson has had a fascinating journey, from Wall Street to wine. Having won three James Beard Awards and author of four top-selling books, as well as the host of her own online video wine course, Robinson is refreshingly open and friendly for someone with so much recognition.

After three years spent creating the perfect wine glasses (one for red wine one for white), Robinson has recently moved on to collaborate with Delta Airlines and their new "Winemaker Series." Having launched September 1, 2012, the series offers passengers in BusinessElite traveling between New York City and Los Angeles or San Francisco, an interesting and unique selection of California wines to enjoy while in the air. Curated by Robinson herself (who has been curating the airline's BusinessElite wine selection since February 2008), each winemaker was hand-selected and will be featured two months at a time, launching with Santa Barbara-based Inception Wines.


Robinson was kind enough to take the time to speak with me regarding her journey to the Master Sommelier title, her experiences working on the "Delta Winemaker Series," and why there's no shame in loving cheap wine. lltitle=Interview With Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson### llcontent=Andrea Robinson is one of only 18 female Master Sommelier's in the world, making her a unique and special voice in the world of wine. With many accolades, including three James Beard awards, Robinson is more than qualified to help Delta with their "Winemaker Series," hand selecting each winemaker. Check out this interesting interview where she talks about the program and the biggest fallacy in wine today.