Everyone Is Stealing Food By Stuffing It Down Their Pants

Yesterday the police reported the arrest of a Mississippi man stealing two live lobsters by stuffing them into his cargo shorts. Turns out, those were just lobster tails, along with two bags of jumbo shrimp and a pork loin.

This was the fanciest meal we've heard about being stolen in pants, but here's a quick roundup of similarly-trousered robbers.

–A Pennsylvania man was caught shoplifting $20 worth of ribs from a grocery store by hiding them in his pants. The sad part is he was arrested back in May for the same exact thing.

–More meat was stuffed down pants in Ohio, where a 36-year-old man tried to get away with around $26 worth of meat in his sweatpants. He was confronted, and as he claimed innocence, two packs fell out of his pant legs. Two more fell out as he attempted to run away.

–Last week in Indiana, a 45-year-old man decided a $32 bottle of cognac would be unnoticeable in the front of his pants. He walked out of the Kmart without paying, and when confronted, denied the charge, took out the bottle, and smashed it to the ground.

–On the West Coast, one man got away with this method in a Hermosa Beach store. He walked out with a 750-milliliter bottle of alcohol and a tube of over-the-counter medicine.

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