Everyone Freak Out: Global Bacon Shortage Might Just Happen

According to the UK's National Pig Association, a bacon shortage next year is 'unavoidable'

Nick Offerman will not be happy about this; Britain's National Pig Association is saying that a "world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable."

According to data, the European Union pig herd numbers are "declining at a significant rate," and judging from the recent droughts in America, Europe isn't the only place suffering. With a decrease in grain harvests, pig-feed costs have risen, meaning pigs are more expensive to raise.

Naturally, herd numbers are down across the EU. "Falling numbers in the 12 months to June 2012 have been reported by Denmark (-2.3), Germany (-1.3), Ireland (-6.6), Spain (-2.8), France (-3.2), Italy (-13), Hungary (-5), the Netherlands (-3.6), Austria (-2.8), Poland (-9.6), and Sweden (-7.2)," the association says.

So in addition to the drought increasing our steak prices, it's also targeting our bacon, too. Breakfast is in danger, y'all. Time to stock up, before the Offermans of the world get angry (and bacon bras go out of style).