Every Sunday Should Have This Pancake-Making Rube Goldberg Machine

Watch this machine make pancakes with the help of a record player, frying pan, and excellent engineering

Pancakes on Sunday morning always sound like the best idea ever, except more often than not we are hungover and in bed and lazily ordering a bagel sandwich for delivery (yes, it's a little sad). This Rube Goldberg machine, however, might just solve all our Sunday morning problems.

The Pancake-omatic from U.K.-based The Happy Egg Company is a Wallace & Gromit-esque machine that starts when a free-range hen lays an egg. The chain reaction leads to the creation of what they're saying is the "world's freshest pancake," as the egg travels via an old-school gramophone to get whisked into pancake batter.

According to the About section, the Pancake-omatic team consisted of four design engineers who worked about 300 hours to create the project. The machine itself will reportedly be exhibited in London's Design Museum, where people can hopefully eat the thin pancakes. The only discrepancy we can see, however, is that the frying pan doesn't really flip the pancakes, and we all know that's the most difficult part. We also guess the flour and sugar are premeasured and placed in the bowl, ready for mixing. Watch the machine work its magic below, then start planning every Sunday brunch, ever. This would definitely make cooking after a late night out a little less tedious.