Every Food-Related YouTube Challenge in 1 Video

Watch YouTubers do the cinnamon challenge, smoothie challenge, and wasabi challenge all in one video

It's YouTube Comedy Week, so all sorts of craziness is going on in the YouTube world. Today, Rhett and Link decided to compile every YouTube challenge they have into the "Ultimate YouTube Challenge Challenge!"

A bunch of video bloggers start off small (cinnamon challenge, where they put a spoon of cinnamon in their mouth and spit it out), then then Chubby Bunny Makeup Challenge (stuff giant marshmallows in your mouth and try to apply makeup without a mirror), and then try some baby food and guess what it is.

There's the planking Saltine cracker challenge (put three Saltine crackers in your mouth and plank while eating them), and the smoothie challenge (one random liquid and one random powder, mix, and drink). The latter sounds absolutely terrible with combos like mustard and diet soda, or milk and mustard powder.

Honestly, some of these seem completely random, like the "Draw Your Chicken Nugget Life Challenge," where you eat five chicken nuggets while drawing your most embarrassing moment. But things like the tin can challenge (guess what canned food you have after eating a little) isn't that bad if you get SpaghettiOs, at least compared to the wasabi challenge (eating a spoonful of wasabi). Watch all the craziness below, summed up in the Harlem Milkshake at the very end.