Eva Longoria On Kitchens, Gadgets, And Staying Healthy

Everyone knows Eva Longoria as an actress and spokesperson, but she is also apparently an avid home cook. "I cook all the time," she says. "I cook a lot of Mexican food because that's what I grew up with, but I cook everything and I am really a healthy eater so I love vegetables, I love protein; I'm not a big carb person."

Longoria says that she emphasizes eating healthily not just because she is an actress, but because all people should focus on what goes in their body. "I love vegetables and I eat vegetables at every single meal, incorporating that, and obviously just everything in size and moderation," she says.

Longoria finds cooking at home easy because she loves her kitchen. The best part is her "huge island." "When people come into my house they go 'I think that's the biggest island I've ever seen,'" she says. "I love the stove being in the island so you're facing out to cook to people instead of your back to them. It's such a community thing to do, to cook and share those moments with family and friends."

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