European Commission Issues Milk Origin Study

The European Commission has launched a study that will assess the impact of origin labeling of milk and milk including products, Food Navigator is reporting.

It will likely assess whether or not origin labeling on products of that nature is necessary for consumers who purchase the products. Origin labeling is mandatory for products like beef, honey, eggs, poultry, and produce, as well as olive oil and wine.

The study comes after new measures set by the European Union that were meant to increase origin information of many food products for consumers that was put in place after the European horsemeat scandal earlier this year.

According to a document released by the European Commission detailing the nature of the study, "the study should evaluate the situation and possible impact of origin labeling of meats, milk, and milk used as an ingredient in dairy product in the EU and it should also include a number of case studies in different sectors and Member States."

The findings will hopefully lead to conclusive evidence of whether people are willing to pay more for more origin labeling and information and the necessity of the product's country of origin.

Essentially, the study hopes to find out if the burden on businesses, farmers, retailers, and other members of the product's supply chain is worth it.