The Essentials Foods You Should Bring While Vacationing At A Cabin

After booking a cabin, finding all the details, arranging transportation, maps and equipment, It's usually last minute consideration what foods to bring whenever you decide to head out for a long weekend or vacation.

This shouldn't be the case though whenever you try have delicious food while on your vacation excursion.   Below are the top foods you should consider bringing on your trip.

Burgers – simple yet delicious.  While many may consider this "low brow" – we all can agree there's nothing more satisfying than a big juicy burger with all the toppings that your heart desires.  You can lump sausages along with burgers as they complement each other.

Eggs, Bacon 'n Bread – What's a breakfast without eggs and bacon along with toast?

Veggies and Leafy greens - this can include peppers, tomatoes, corn, lettuce and anything else you like.

Fruits – having a nice selection of fruits such as apples, bananas, various berries and melons are perfect on hot summer days.

Beverages – we kept this deliberately vague because it can be anything that quenches your thirst.  Whether it's lemonade, your favorite beer, juice, or just plain water.  It's really up to you.  Just remember to bring lots :)

Salmon – having anything that remotely resembles "gourmet" can really make a trip memorable.  Whether grilling salmon or wrapping it in foil and wrapping it with lemons and bacon, having anything that allows you  to have a delicious, and luxurious meal while travelling can make a huge difference!

What are some other food items that you consider essential?

This post was written by Kim from Vacation Broken Bow Lake, where they specialize in Broken Bow cabin rentals in outdoorsy vacations for those who enjoy the wilderness and memorable vacations