Essentially the Best Way to Eat Mexican Food: Hexa-Flexa-Mexagon

Tortilla art turned delicious foodstuff revamps the burrito like no other

We're always looking for new ways to improve our food, and our inner math nerds (wait, who are we kidding?) and burrito enthusiasts are kind of freaking out about this new way to eat a burrito. Grub Street shows us how "mathemusician" Vi Hart eats her burritos: hexa-flexagonally.

Start off with a strip of tortilla, fold it into a hexagon, marvel at the ability for it to turn itself inside out without breaking, then fill with guac, tomatoes, sour cream, beans, and cheese.

The nature of the hexa-flexa-mexagon (say that 10 times fast) allows you to separate your guac/tomoatoes/sour cream from the bean and cheese, and while it doesn't solve the problem of burrito fillings leaking out, the tortilla does seem somewhat stronger, meaning you won't have to result to spoons and forks. And Hart speaks the truth when she says, "The nature of the burrito is to be a delicious leaking mess regardless of whether it is cylindrical or hexa-flexagonal."

Watch the full instructional video below (stay put for an impressive tortilla origami crane at the end), then proceed to begin every cooking session with "This is imperfect, for it is not yet delicious."


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