Esquire Launches Cable Network with 'Knife Fight,' 'The Getaway'

The Esquire Network will reinvent the magazine brand as a television brand, NBC announces

NBC Universal and Hearst Magazines have finalized plans to rebrand the G4 network as the Esquire Network, launching the cable channel as "an upscale Bravo for men," The New York Times reports.

Naturally, this means comedies like Parks and Recreation, as well as the network's first original series, Ilan Hall's food show Knife Fight, where young chefs compete in "after-hours cook-offs." Eater last reported that the show's premise requires chefs to make three dishes using three mystery ingredients.

Esquire's second original series is a celeb-filled travel show called The Getaway, which is somewhat reminiscent of a certain Anthony Bourdain show (then again, all travel shows are reminiscent of Bourdain).

In the past, Hearst has created partnerships between cable and print (Food Network, HGTV), and the new Esquire channel will continue to work on original series. Not all, however, will be pulled from the magazine's side. "This is not the magazine on TV; that would not work. The idea is to capture the essence of the magazine," David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, said.


In the meantime, viewers can also watch Party Down, a comedy about a catering crew that originally showed on Starz. The show stars Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan, and promos feature a pink bow tie. We're in.