Escándalo: A Cruise 2014 Fashion Film by Karla Colleto



There's a lot of talk in the fashion world about the "It Girl," that girl that seems to always be pulled together and have the latest and greatest. Yet this girl is always a very serious representation of fashion. Scandalously, designer Karla Colleto manages to turn her "It Girl" into a cheeky bit of fun in her Escándalo: A Cruise 2014 Fashion Film.

Featuring some very cute, '60s-inspired swimwear designs, the fun and fast film features clever word play as narration as Colleto's starlet hides away from the paparazzi's prying eyes in a series of stunning swimwear and beachwear "disguises." While most fashion videos seem to focus on the drama of their star, this "It Girl" is more like your everyday, quirky girl—she just happens to be a gorgeous model who's apparently more comfortable wearing swimsuits than pants.

Many fashion videos seem to overstay their welcome, but Escándalo moves right along as the model transitions from one swimsuit and accessories style to another, always fitting in perfectly with her environment, whether she is at the bar or on the croquet field. Much of the charm is simply from the refreshing light-hearted spirit of the fashion film—but the adorable swimsuit styles don't hurt either.