Errant Plastic Bits Spark Frozen Pizza Recall

Nestlé announced a recall of some of its frozen pizzas this week when some consumers started complaining about finding errant bits of plastic in their pies.

The issue was reported by a few different customers who said they found some small fragments of clear plastic in their California Pizza Kitchen branded Crispy Thin Crust White Pizzas.

According to UPI, Nestlé said it investigated the problem and thought the issue was most likely connected with a load of spinach from a certain supplier. Four varieties of Nestlé's frozen pizzas used the spinach in question, and while the company says that there have been no plastic sightings or complaints about the other brands of pizza, all the pizzas made with that spinach are included in the recall just to be sure.

"Although no complaints have been received to date on the other three varieties that used this spinach, we are recalling these additional varieties in an abundance of caution," company officials said in a statement.

The recalled pizzas include the Crispy Thin Crust White Pizza and the Limited Edition Grilled Chicken with Cabernet Sauce from California Pizza Kitchen, the DiGiorno Pizzeria White Pizza, and the DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread Pizza Tuscan Style Chicken.

"All the pizzas recalled were produced in February and March," the company said in a statement. "Because Nestlé USA delivers pizzas in the U.S. directly to retailer freezer cases, we have already instructed our direct store delivery team to begin removing pizzas affected by this recall at retail locations nationwide."

None of the other CPK or DiGiorno pizza varieties are involved in the recall, Nestlé said.