Enthusiastic eBayer Hawks Toast Portrait of Mitt Romney and Satan


Online auctions of novelty food items are apparently a thing now. Close on the heels of the George Washington chicken nugget that sold for $8,100, Gawker reports that someone is now trying to sell a piece of toast that shows Mitt Romney and Satan shaking hands… well, sort of. 

It’s pretty difficult to see the "startling image" advertised, no matter how many times it’s enlarged. Really, it pretty much just looks like a piece of toast.

The eBay seller, however, is not to be dissuaded, and insists the toast shows not only Romney and Satan shaking hands, but that several "experts" have analyzed the toast and also observed such vignettes as McCain giving away secrets to the Viet Cong, Santorum kicking unwed mothers, and Rush Limbaugh eating broccoli.

Unlike other purveyors of fine presidential foods, this seller started the toast auction at a modest $0.99. Of course, that’s not including the $88.40 quoted for shipping costs. As of press time, there have been no bids.

For those who like their expensive novelty food items a little less political, there’s a woman in Illinois selling an erotic Cheeto for $999.99.