Entertaining With Trisha Yearwood

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She's already known for her cookbooks (and her killer voice), but country singer Trisha Yearwood's newest project takes her back to the kitchen.

Based on her family-inspired recipes and traditions, the Food Network's new series Trisha's Southern Kitchen will offer up tips on home entertaining with some of Yearwood's childhood and family stories sprinkled in. The six-show run (premiering April 14) includes themed shows on baby shower prep, family reunion barbecues, and classic Southern recipes — Uncle Wilson's Grilled Onions, Chick-less Pot Pie, and Sweet and Saltines sound like some of the most promising recipes to us. 

"For me, cooking is very connected to my family and friends," says Yearwood in a press release. "Every recipe on the show carries wonderful memories with my loved ones and I can't wait to share my meals, stories and family photos with Food Network viewers."

The Grammy-winner is no stranger to the food scene. In 2008, she released her first cookbook, Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen, and followed up with Cooking for Family and Friends in 2010. Both cookbooks hit the number one spot on The New York Times best-seller's list.