Your Favorite Celebrities Never Looked So Delicious

Check out what artist Sarah Rosado did with a little bit of cereal and a lot of imagination

These celebrities look so good, you’ll want to eat them up!

Inspiration is a funny thing. One moment you're daydreaming about vacationing in the Bahamas, when wham! Suddenly, you just had the best idea for a beach chair with a built-in cooler. For writers, chefs, and artists, that’s just how it works — you draw inspiration from the world around you. That is exactly what happened when artist Sarah Rosado got the idea to make celebrity portraits out of cereal.

Your Favorite Celebrities Never Looked So Delicious 
"The inspiration for the series came one morning while I was eating cereal and listening to oldies and R&B music,” recalls Rosado. “My idea to create celebrity faces with corn flakes was born — 'because music has never tasted so good,' I thought. At that moment, I was struck with the idea to create images of my favorite artists using breakfast cereal."

The portraits she's referencing are made entirely from cereal, and, frankly, are frighteningly spot-on.

"On average, each piece takes me about six to eight hours to complete," says Rosado. "There’s a lot of effort that goes into creating each one. The cereal has to be crushed into very tiny pieces for features like the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. It’s almost like working with a broken puzzle — each bit and piece has to have the right size to fit perfectly." 

In Rosado's cereal series, she crafts playful representations of celebrities like Drake and Madonna, though her favorite (if she has to pick one) is Michael Jackson.

Working with food as an artistic medium is an exciting new challenge, she says.

"It's so fun because of the rich variety of colors and textures cereal has,” Rosado gushes. “With all of that, you can create a masterpiece.”

Check out her impressive collection of celebrity cereals. You’ll never look at breakfast the same way again.

Amy Winehouse

The late Amy Winehouse’s hair is perfectly captured with the use of corn flakes. Rosado even managed to get her signature beauty mark in there!
Ariana Grande


We love how Rosado emphasized Grande’s signature ponytail with the bright blue Fruity Pebbles.