Who’s Your Celebrity Foodie Soulmate?

Who should you spend your days eating bread and sipping cocktails with?
Aziz Ansari

Photo Modified: Flickr / David Shankbone / CC By 2.0

Should you be traveling through Italy with Aziz?

One of the things that we envy the most about celebrities is their ability to travel the world, explore different cultures and cuisines, and explore their passion for food without having to worry (as much) about money and time spent.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their days writing cookbooks like Chrissy Teigen or Gwyneth Paltrow? Who wouldn’t want to make an ode to food and produce it as a TV show like Aziz Ansari? And don’t you dream of building an entire media empire and inspiring others to eat healthier and happier like Oprah? Of course you do.

And while there’s a little bit of each of these celebrity foodies inside all of us, chances are you’d get along better with one in particular than with the rest of them. But what food personality should you kick it with, given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

To find out what famous foodie best matches your own food personality, take our quiz below: