What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat According to Your Horoscope (Slideshow)

What do the stars say about your food personality?



Those born under the Aries sign are destined to be leaders. They are the first in line and don’t shy away from new things. So get really creative when serving them a meal. Something spicy with chiles would serve them well, along with anything trend-setting. Aries don’t do “boring” so be sure to use tons of flavors and spices to keep it interesting. 



The Taurus sign is one born for good food and drink. Anything rich is right up their alley. Think decadent chocolate and full body wines too, as their bull sign is indicative of their, ahem, passionate natures. Do not do a common salad, they’ll be sad you skimped. Of course, such richness can sometimes cause a little pouch in the stomach, so be sure not to be too sedentary. 



Gemini’s tend to be bright, quick-witted, and fun-loving. They are the life of the party and have lots of imagination. Serve them something they’d eat at a fun gathering, especially at a dinner party because they will thrive. Or consider something really imaginative to pique their interest, like an exotic dish around the world. It is likely that classic comfort food really isn’t their forté, unless of course it is comfort food from an exotic location they normally have a tough time getting their hands on!



The easiest star sign to serve has got to be Cancer. They are home-bodies, looking for comfort, family, and warmth. The sentimental type, you need think serious comfort foods. Pot pies, stews, roasts, and classic sides are perfect. You don’t want to test the waters with their palette, so keep it simple and avoid over-complicated dishes.



Leos are, for sure, the ham of the group. They want to be center stage and are talented with a real dramatic flare. Someone with that much desire to be noticed needs a lot of energy, so think carb-friendly meals. Presentation is also key and it will not do if a dish isn’t pretty. 



The Virgo is critical, big on attention to detail, and methodical. These traits all culminate into someone who is able to adhere to any type of diet. Simply pick one and they can stick to it. But don’t mix it up too much, you want to be sure to keep your meals fueled and focused. 



Libras are very focused on others and promote a sense of fairness. They avoid conflict and truly enjoy being social with others, so something that can be shared with a group is ideal. Choose a family-style meal and let them sit with friends and have at it. A big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or a hearty slow-cooked meal is just the ticket, none of that single-serve stuff!



Someone born under the Scorpio sign will have a keen sense of curiosity and intuition. They are fearless so the choices of what to feed them can be wide-open. Choose something new and interesting. Think of curating dishes that test the limits of normalcy. You cannot do a plain-Jane weekday dinner for these guys!



The Sagittarius is a clear thinker, thirsting for knowledge. They always try to see the big picture. They also enjoy lots of world travel so don’t be afraid here, but do worry about keeping it interesting. They know what they want and their cravings are precise. Don’t the dinner menu be a random collection of dishes, make sure that you connect with them on a personal level with their meal.



Some people are fun loving. Others, like the Capricorn, are practical and realistic with a big sense of ambition. For the Capricorn and their classic nature, choose a classic meal. A traditional stew or classic side dish — perhaps with a hint of newness for fun — will be pleasing. Think sensible and avoid dishes that are frivolous or unnecessarily over stuffed.



An Aquarius tends to be a bit of a humanitarian, a philanthropist, even a visionary. They are focused on making the world a better place, so choose something locally sourced. Think a big plate of roasted veggies that you’ve picked up from a farmers market in the area. Don’t go for something that is super processed or comes from a chain. Only authenticity will do!



Selfless and spiritual, the Pisces is defined by their feelings. They hate making waves and tend to go with the flow very easily. So choose something that requires very little time spent. Over-complicated meals will only fluster them. Use simple, natural ingredients and the Pisces will be happy as a lark!