Things Only People In Small Towns Say

From giving directions according to local landmarks and fields of cattle to knowing that a hot night out on the town is actually just cruising through the country roads and winding up at the one bar downtown, there's something particularly charming about life in small American towns.

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What small towns lack in population and major retail stores, they more than make up for in strength of character, creative ways to find entertainment, and high-quality high school football. If you're from a small town, it's likely you know pretty much everyone you come across, either because you're related to them or your families have been friends for generations. It's a quiet way of life, especially compared to the hustle and bustle of big cities, but it's a good way of life — and one that comes with a particular way of speaking.

So unlock your doors, get your pigs and goats ready for the county fair, and grab a latte at the coffee shop. It's time to reminisce about life in a small town.